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Best places to visit in the United States

The United States most beautiful country in the world that moves people from every country in the world, whether to live or for tourism, and is a collection of the best cities in the world and the various sites and in this article some of the best places to visit in the United States.

Best places to visit in the United States:

New York: which includes a number d'icônes US, like the Statue of Liberty and Times Square Building and Empire State, and is the most populous city in America and the most popular, and also known as the "Big Apple "and is one of New York city is a favorite destination for visitors locally and internationally.

Los Angeles: is witness of a number of international celebrations, with light breezes in the faces of the Pacific Ocean and that makes Los Angeles one of the best tourist destinations in the US, and there are a many famous beaches like Malibu or Santa Monica, and more fun shopping on Rodeo Drive and take a tour in Beverly Hills.

Chicago: Chicago has long been called the "Second City", where it ranks second after New York City, both in terms of size or population, and Chicago has the best restaurants and shops, and museums, and recreational activities.

Washington DC: the capital of the United States and Washington, DC, and the many museums and monuments, making it one of the most visited cities in the United States, especially for families and school groups.

Las Vegas: Most tourists go to Las Vegas, where he is a world-class center, and first class restaurants, making this city an oasis to enjoy, and are the destination than travel to the United States.

San Francisco: This is known as the legendary San Francisco Bay in their neighborhoods, and San Francisco is the perfect city for nature lovers, and is also an excellent starting point for many excursions.

Hawaii: America and is the destination of the natural beauty of the beaches to the rich culture of the South Pacific Hawaii, and is the point of the US ideal if you want a real beauty.

Grand Canyon: geology wonder their incredible that stretches over 200 miles, the Grand Canyon carved by the Colorado River over thousands of years, and is located in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, and is the first destination to visit in southwestern United States, and is one of the most popular national park destinations in the United States.

Florida: boasts beautiful beaches and tourist attractions such as Disney World family, and Latin culture, also known as the "Sunshine State", and is one of the most popular places in the US for visitors .

New orleons: is all about festivals, which is significantly different, and is the destination for US tourists and abroad, and the Jazz Festival, and is one of the most respected groups in the world of jazz musicians.