Tourisme World | Try now VPS from Google Inc. valued at $ 300 and a high speed internet for free for 60 days

Try now VPS from Google Inc. valued at $ 300 and a high speed internet for free for 60 days

What is the VPS? The VPS is an abbreviation for phrase Virtual personal Server or Virtual private Server This means that servers placebo Makhal any real server that you can manage your server as this is a real server management. VPS also consists of Hardware settings lies in the capacity of RAM Albrosisr speed as well as the hard disk capacity, in addition to the operating system, whether on Windows or Linux. Of course uses the vps is a multi-It can be used to host your site and this means that the site would be safer if you can prepare the vps well. It can also Astamalal or vps in order to run some scripts that would be unable to work only on Serfrat and not hosted the ... etc.


Of course there is a big difference between the surfer and placebo special and regular hosting as well as Reseller, because hosting gives you the only space on the Web and bandwidth (data flow capacity) without the powers of the preparation of server or controlled, but the VPS not only you can set up your server, but you can at any time in addition to increase the size of server RAM or hard drive .... recap it by the VPS get more powers in the administration.

As well as the difference between the VPS and Reseller that the latter what is only a large storage space can be divided into other small bites with the ability to determine the bandwidth for each host, meaning that Reseller is a normal host But Reseller provides you with the possibility of splitting hosting several hosted the junior for resale without the control of server or similar reverse the VPS.

This service, as I said the introduction of the experience of Google Inc. for 60 full days, but one of the prerequisites:
Account on Google
A valid credit card, which will not cut anything, and will not cut until after the expiration of experimentation, but if you have upgraded your account

And now to take advantage of this service, go to the following link and fill in the form with the required information (as in the picture view link)

After that will be directed to your Google Cloud and then click on New Project

Then go to:
Compute -> Compute Engine -> VM instance -> create New Instance

Then begin to prepare your VPS data (as in the picture) and enter the required information, including username and password Aldharorian in order to connect to the server later.


Then click on the Create page in the pro you download a very small program in order to connect to the server (remote Desktop Connection)

After download and run the program you enter the user name and password, the result: